The very human urge to “do”

Doing things is a big part of being human. Maybe it’s an evolutionary imperative, part of our original programming. Or maybe it’s an urge we were born with. Whatever the cause, it is there. This urge. There is a reason why we get restless when there’s a lack of activity. It’s a double edged sword […]

Why you need to be selective of the people you have in your life

The people in your life have a huge impact on you, and your life. When the people you have in your life are good, your life will usually be good. Conversely, when you have bad people in your life, the quality of your life will be bad. You don’t have to take my word for […]

Too much of worrying is bad for you

Worrying is a normal part of life. Everyone worries – some more, some less. The worrying instinct is useful, even important, as not worrying at all can make us develop blind spots to obvious dangers. So it is an useful instinct. But worrying becomes a problem when it’s done too much. So the issue isn’t […]

Money is important, but it isn’t everything

Money is a very important facilitator of life. Having it enables us to do the things we need and want to do. Having it makes sure that we have the essentials like food, shelter, water etc. Having it facilities our ability to help others and make a difference. Not having money, on the other hand, […]

Why you should think twice before getting more “stuff”

Having a lot doesn’t make you happy. Contrary to popular belief. Just buying more and more “stuff” is not the panacea that retailers and shops and newspapers etc (and society to a large extent) would have you believe. Retail therapy makes some people happy, but that happiness is short lived. And it’s superficial. Also, it […]

Being busy vs. being productive

Being productive and being busy are not usually one and the same. You can be productive and not be busy, in the same way that you can be busy and not be productive. The second scenario is common these days – most people are really busy, but not very productive, and that’s a problem. Being […]

Mind your own business – why this age old advice is more important now than ever

Mind your own business. That used to be a really popular proverb. One that most people took note of. Used to, anyway. But things have changed. It feels like everyone is in everyones business these days. The rise of social media has revolutionised communication. But it has also created a huge “peeping tom” and over […]

The Good Deed Habit (+ 5 incredibly easy ways to do good deeds every day)

Doing good deeds is a really good thing. Makes the world a better place, improves lives, and also makes our lives better. But yet too many people don’t do much, if any, good deeds. Especially not on a daily basis. Let’s change that. Let’s create a daily good deed habit. It’s actually quite easy to […]

Work for the sake of work, and its dangers

The world today revolves around work. Everything is designed to work with the nine to five schedule. Shops open in the morning in time for the pre-nine o’clock rush. Shops close to accommodate workers after their workday. The same applies to basically everything – from transport to street lights. Everything runs around this schedule. Makes […]

The quality of your connections matter, a lot

The quality of the connections we have with the people around us has a huge impact on the quality of our lives. Good connections can (and does) improve our lives. Bad connections, on the other hand, impact our lives detrimentally. Humans are social beings. Nearly everything we do involves other people, be it directly or […]