The value of hair

The value of hair is truly realised by someone who’s losing hair. Bald and balding people go to great lengths to retain and grow hair. To get what they don’t have. Hair loss is a million, if not billion, dollar industry! And here’s the reason – we are programmed to appreciate and want what we […]

Zero effort = zero progress

Progress takes effort. You get what you put in. As you sow, so you reap If you put in everything you have, everything you need to, everything you can – day in day out – you will make progress. Period. If you’re lazy, however, you will stay where you are. Or worse. Effort gets rewarded. […]

Fate isn’t everything

Being on the road less traveled… Is not what most people think it means. That line from Robert Frost’s poem is actually about the concept of ke sera sera – what will be will be. It is about how it doesn’t really matter what road you choose, things that are meant to happen, happen. It […]

Setbacks are momentary

Setbacks are like the red lights during traffic. They force you to stop. But not permanently. You can treat them as defeats. Feel hopeless. And give up. Or, you can treat them as learning opportunities. And learn from them. When you choose the second option, you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move […]

Doing the work

Looking for done-for-you services is a great shortcut. But not when it comes to the really important stuff. Like making something of yourself, or unlocking your potential, or changing your life for the better. You can get help, sure. As a matter of fact, you should. But there’s a massive difference between getting help and […]

Choices matter

Everything that we do is a choice. Doesn’t matter how big, or small. Doesn’t matter of you think so, or not. Doesn’t matter if you agree, or not. Everything we do is a choice. Every. Thing. Every single time. If you are leaving something to fate, and choosing not to make a decision, you are […]

How to have a massively productive day

Want to know a secret to having a massively effective and productive day? Here it is: Plan your day. Seems simple. Yet it is incredibly impactful. Having a plan for your day means starting off with clearly defined ideas of what you need and want to do. Having a plan for your day means you […]

The more you own, the more you stress

The more stuff you have, the more worries you have and the more you have to worry about. This is one of the main reasons why ascetics own little to nothing, and minimalism is so popular. Minimalism has, in fact, become quite mainstream – with smaller forays into this strategy becoming part of the popular […]

Learning by doing

Learn by doing. That’s the best way to learn. Hands down. When you learn by doing, when you learn by being in the trenches, you learn not just what works but also what doesn’t. You learn not just the theory, by but the practice. You learn how to deal with the setbacks and challenges. You […]

Doing the impossible

The guy who ran the four minute mile achieved the impossible. Well, it was impossible. Until he did it. People reaching the moon was deemed impossible. Until it was done. Reaching the peak of the Everest was considered impossible. But then it was done. And now people do it all the time. Going to Mars […]