How to come up with ideas

Here is a common question a lot of people ask: How do I come up with ideas? There is no one answer to that. There is no one perfect way to come up with ideas. There are lots of different ways to do that. But, here is one strategy that you can get started with: […]

The standards we use to judge others

I read a post by Seth Godin some time back, about our “fundamental attribution error”. Here’s an excerpt from his post which expands on that concept: “When someone else screws up, it’s because of who they are, their race, their upbringing… a glimpse into their true character. When we do something, it’s because the situation […]

Failures are not a measure of capabilities (and potential)

Your failures and setbacks are not a measure of your capabilities and potential. If Edison (or Tesla) used his failures as a measure of his capabilities, it’s unlikely we would have electricity. If the Wright brothers used their failures as a measure of their potential, we would not have air travel. If J.K. Rowling took […]

Worry less about the outcome, and more about doing your best

One of my favourite Star Wars quote is Yoda’s “fear of loss is a path to the dark side.” Fear of loss is hardly ever constructive. When you fear losing something, you become attached to that outcome or thing. That can lead to lots of negative feelings like desperation, jealousy, and even greed. When you […]

Why worrying is a waste of time

Yesterday’s history. Tomorrow’s a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s one of my all time favourite quotes about mindfulness. Here’s the thing about worrying: the lion’s share of our worries are based on things that will happen, or has happened. The future. Or the past. Here’s the challenge with worrying about the past: when you’re […]

Don’t deny facts based on your beliefs

Here’s the thing about facts: they are facts. Only because someone does not believe a fact does not suddenly change its state. Not believing something to be true does not make it false. Facts are just information, plain and simple. Only because someone does not believe of the sun’s existence, for instance, does not stop […]

You need a backup plan

No plan is 100% fool proof. Nothing in life is infallible. There’s always risk, no matter how small the odds. Things can (and do) go wrong. So it’s important to have backup plans. Hopefully you’ll never need them. But in case you do, it is better to have backup plans, than it is to be […]

How to make meditation work for you

Meditation is good for you. That’s not a subjective statement – the benefits have been proven conclusively, over and over. It’s not something new either – people have been practicing meditation for as long as humanity has existed. So it is fairly well known, and well established, that meditation is good for you. But how […]

Do you really always have a choice?

Have you heard of the saying: “you always have a choice”? It’s a common one. It’s one of the bedrocks of the self development field. And it’s grossly misused. Yes, you do have a choice. But… it’s not a blanket rule that applies to everything. There are nuances, and caveats, that you need to know […]

3 Things I Learned From Nassim Taleb’s “Fooled by Randomness”

Not everything is as it seems This was one of the key concepts of Taleb’s book. Things aren’t always as they seem. Even when everything seems good, things can go awry and vice versa. So it’s better to prepare, and have backup plans, no matter how unlikely the other scenario(s) might be. Things are more […]