Choose your friends carefully

I love talking to people.
I find everyone, in general, fascinating.
Everyone has something interesting about them.
That’s my belief anyway.

But when it comes to letting people in, I’m very selective.
Have you ever had friends who are there when you are having fun, or when they need you but nowhere to be found when you need them?

People like that don’t fit my definition of “friends”.
I’m old fashioned that way.
I still go by the “friend in need friend in deed” maxim.

I’ll help everyone, but I realise that not everyone holds that value true, not to the extent I do anyway.
I like clarity – so that means I have 2 types of friends: acquaintances and close friends.

The broad classification is there more for others benefit than mine because most people have a much broader definition, and it confuses them, my level of specificity.
So to make everyone’s life easy, only those who are really close to me do I tell about the classifications.

But this is important for you too – in terms of friends, and I mean real friends, choose them carefully.

Ask yourself: can I count on this person in my time of need?
If not, then you need to think if you really want to spend your energy and time on them, and if so, how much?

Sounds a bit cold and calculated?
Probably is, but it is reasonable and rational.
At the end of the day, you only have a finite amount of time and energy – isn’t it smart to be selective about who you spend it on, and better to spend on good people?

You owe it to yourself, and others.

I’m not saying be a recluse or force yourself to be an introvert if you’re not. No, what I am saying is choose carefully the people you let in, and make a part of your life.

Your friends will impact you, who you are and who you become.
So choose carefully.

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