Choosing between auto and manual

Our mind operates on two gears:
Auto, and manual.
Like cars…

Most of the time we do things in autopilot.
And that’s actually very useful, even necessary, because there are far too many things to consciously make decisions about.

That said, there are things that require manual piloting.
Times when you need to be in the driver’s seat (as opposed to having your mind do the driving).
Times when you should, and need to, think for yourself.

It’s easy to delegate the thinking and the decisions.
Because thinking is hard work.
It takes effort.
It can be uncomfortable.

But having all the thinking delegated to autopilot (be it just resorting to our old beliefs, or just believing what someone said rather than questioning it) comes with challenges.
That is how people become narrow minded, judgemental, prejudiced, bigoted, and stupid.

Don’t just accept something because it’s the commonly held belief, or it’s easy to go with it.
Exercise that incredible computer in your head.
Think for yourself.

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