Confidence is good. Overconfidence is not

Everyone knows Nepoleon.
He was one of the greatest military strategists and leaders of all time.
His accomplishments are noteworthy, and his feats legendary.
But even he got things wrong.
The most noteworthy of his bad judgements was his attempt at conquering Russia.
He thought his superior military might will be more than enough to quash the Russian military. He got arrogant, and overconfident in his capability in pulling this feat off.
It didn’t work out as he was certain it would, and this was the beginning of the end for him.
History is ridden with examples of smart people making bad decisions based on overconfidence.
Confidence is good.
But overconfidence is not.
You absolutely should have confidence in your own ability, but that doesn’t mean you should not recognise the possibility that things might not work out.
No matter how good you are, you need to make informed decisions, rather than deciding solely on the basis of how you think things will play out.
Hindsight is a great thing, but unfortunately you can only act on the information you have.
So get as much information as you can. Do your homework.
Think things through.
Don’t let your confidence become arrogance.
Don’t let belief in your own ability and plans overrule everything else.
Even the best laid plans don’t always work out. But the more you think things through, the higher the possibility of things working out.
All you can do is your best.
But you can certainly increase the probability of your best effort working out by thinking things through.
So, be smart.
Think before you act.

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