Crying over spilt milk gets you nowhere

We all have times when we feel down, or anxious about our performance and results.
Moments of self doubt, moments when we feel we could’ve done more, or how we could’ve done better.

Most people worry about them, and often blame themselves for not doing better than they did.

Here’s the thing about this..
You can stress and worry all you want about how you did not do the best you could have, or how did not do enough, but that doesn’t really help you move forward.
All it does is cause you anxiety, self-doubt and even self-loathing, and slows your progress.

A better option is to ask yourself how you can make the most of the current situation.
A better option is to be mindful.

Being mindful of your present situation is really the only way to make the most of your present situation, and move forward.
Trying to apply some idealised standard to situations or times when those parameters didn’t apply doesn’t help.

What’s done is done.
All you can really do now is make the most of what you have, and do the best you can.

Like James Altucher said “Doing my best in any situation is all I can do.”

Crying over spilt milk gets you nowhere.
Focus on the now, rather than agonising over what’s happened, and what could have been.

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