Cycle of good

Being good to others is a state of mind.
It’s a habit that can be developed and nurtured, like any other habit.

When you do good things for others without any expectations, you create a virtuous cycle.
The other person feels good.
You feel good.
And so on.

But it doesn’t just stop there.
The positive feedback from doing good will usually lead to more good being done, both by you and others.
You will start a cycle of good.

Isn’t that better than the piles of negativity, stress, and bad most people are surrounded by?

It’s good to do good.

Try it.
Do something good today, even if it is something as simple as smiling at others and opening the door for someone.

Start small.
Build on it.
Rinse and repeat.

Let’s create a virtuous cycle, a cycle of good.

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