Dealing with gloomy days

Gloomy days are harder to feel happy on.
Literally, and metaphorically.

From the mild case of meh to the more serious cases of SAD, gloomy days impact nearly everyone.

Here’s the challenge with that:
It can be a gloomy day every day of the year for all we know (and in many parts of the world it is!).
So what is your option then, let the weather dictate your state, mood, reactions, and capabilities every day of the year?

That’s neither feasible nor good.

Feeling a bit meh when you don’t see sunlight is okay.
But letting it make you feel down the whole day is not.

You need to do what you need to do, come rain or shine.

Then there are days when you feel gloomy inside, days when you feel down.
It is easier to feel better when the sun is out (both literally and figuratively), but the harder days are what separate the people who make an impact and get shit done from the rest.

Be part of the group that gets shit done. Do what you need to do, no matter what the external conditions.
Live life on your own terms.
Create your own sunshine.

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