Different is good

Too often we get hung up over things like race, religion, sexuality, and so on.

The differences separate.
They create segregation instead of the integration that humanity as a whole needs.

People get hung up over their identities as defined by the colour of their skin, the place they were born in, their sexual orientation, the religion they follow, etc.
Which is fine, as long as they are not used those as excuses to look down on people who are different.

Differences aren’t a bad thing.
On the contrary, they provides us an opportunity to learn, and grow, and see things from a different (often better) perspective.
They enable us to broaden our horizons.

More importantly, when you dig deep, there are more similarities than differences.
There are more reasons to unite, and collaborate, than to segregate and separate.

Thankfully things have gotten much better, and people have become smarter and more open minded.
But there’s still much to be done.

Do your bit.
Open your mind.
Embrace the differences, and celebrate them.

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