Doing the work

Looking for done-for-you services is a great shortcut.
But not when it comes to the really important stuff.
Like making something of yourself, or unlocking your potential, or changing your life for the better.

You can get help, sure.
As a matter of fact, you should.
But there’s a massive difference between getting help and getting others to do it for you.
Think of it like this – does the coach or anyone in a pro boxer’s team do the fighting for him/her? No, that part can’t be delegated.

Being spoonfed is easy.
Takes the stress of making decisions out of your hand.
It means you get everything sorted out for you.
But easy doesn’t make for lasting and transformative impact.

Life is a journey, and that often means you have to go through some pain to make some real gains.
Don’t try to delegate the really important parts of your life.
If you want to change your life, you need to do the work.

Do what it takes.

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