GPP EP # 22: Learn how to make self-discipline easy

Self-discipline is a great thing to have, you know that. That said, it can be really hard to practice. But there is a way you can make self-discipline easy for yourself.

Want to learn how?

Then stay tuned, because that’s what today’s talk is all about.

Listen here.

What you’ll learn:
  • A great way to make self-discipline easy, using accountability partners

  • What is an accountability partner

  • Why you need an accountability partner

  • Role of an accountability partner

  • Accountability partner, or group?

  • Where to find accountability partners

  • Getting started with accountability partners

Listen here.
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Additional resources:
Listen here.
Topics: Self-discipline, Accountability, Accountability partners, Mastermind groups, Success, Growth mindset, Goals, Willpower, Work smart, Think better




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