GPP EP # 29: How Digital Minimalism Can Help You Improve Your Life

Find out what digital minimalism is, why it is important, and how adopting it can help you improve your life in today’s episode of the Growth Philosophy podcast.

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Here are some of the things you will learn in today’s episode:
– What is digital minimalism
– How technological advances can be a double-edged sword
– How you are using up your mental energy without even realising
– What your energy level has in common with a car
– How many apps people have on their phone on average, and how many they – actually use (the answer will shock you)
– How your energy level affects your mental health
– How your physical energy level is connected to your mental energy level
– 4 things you can do to get started with digital minimalism today

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Listen to today’s episode here.

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Coming next week:
How to declutter your mind.

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