GPP EP # 34: You Are Luckier Than You Think You Are. Here’s Why

We are all lucky, each and every one of us. But it’s easy to forget that. Learn about just how incredibly lucky you are, about the importance of getting perspective on that very important part of your life and about the importance of counting your blessings (and how you can get started) in this talk.

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What you’ll learn:
  • Why being able to listen to this talk makes you extremely lucky
  • How many people die every day
  • How you are luckier than 466 million
  • What 1 in 3 people cannot do (but you can)
  • What is essential for 94 percent of your ability to taste anything
  • What you can’t live without but take for granted
  • 9 reasons why you need to count your blessings regularly
  • What happens when you focus on what you don’t have (7 problems)
  • Easy way to get started with developing an attitude of gratitude

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Topics: Attitude of gratitude, Luck, Lucky, Self care, Mental health, Mental strength, Optimism, Pragmatism, Stoicism, Statistics, Facts, Trivia, Anosmia, Mortality, Death rate, Count your blessings, Happiness, Positive thinking, Negative thinking, Mindset, Growth mindset, Self help, Self awareness, Personal development, Personal growth

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