How to come up with ideas

Here is a common question a lot of people ask:
How do I come up with ideas?

There is no one answer to that.
There is no one perfect way to come up with ideas.
There are lots of different ways to do that.

But, here is one strategy that you can get started with:
Think up ideas for things that you want, things that don’t exist yet.
Basically, solve your own problems.

Happens to all of us.
We stumble across a problem or get annoyed by something and wish things were different.
Those moments right there are opportunities.
Moments like those are the cause for most of the world’s innovations.

Of course, the more urgent the need the stronger your impulse to solve it.
So usually when we stumble upon something like that, we tend to grumble a bit, but then move on and forget about it.

But what if you didn’t?
What if you started a journal of such moments of dissatisfaction, stuff to think about later, stuff to come up with solutions for?

Life isn’t perfect, and that presents opportunities.
But only if you’re willing to think, and see things from that perspective.

Give it a go.
Look out for such instances, issues and problems.
Next time you are met with a moment like that, consider how you can come up with something (or some way) to improve things.
Maybe that’s what will lead to your world-changing idea.

If something doesn’t work, find ways to fix it.

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