How to enjoy what you do

Work is only “work” if you don’t absolutely love it.

It’s like this: when you are spending time on a hobby, you are still spending time and effort – in the same way you would when you are working.
The only difference is, the first is something you love to do and do without being paid. The latter you do out of a need to pay bills.

But that is not the only way to do things.
There are ways you can design a career that involves doing things you love.

It is truly a blessing when you can make a living doing something you truly love.
I was watching a documentary the other day about free solo climbing (Free Solo). The climber, Alex, absolutely loved what he did. He could do it without having to worry about money because his passion generated a living for him.
That’s what I’m talking about when I talk about making a living from doing the things you love.

Work is only a chore when you don’t really enjoy what you do.
So if you don’t enjoy what you do now, either find a way to make it something you really enjoy.
Or, find a way to do the things you really love.

How can you make your work into play?

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