How to have a massively productive day

Want to know a secret to having a massively effective and productive day?

Here it is:
Plan your day.

Seems simple.
Yet it is incredibly impactful.

Having a plan for your day means starting off with clearly defined ideas of what you need and want to do.
Having a plan for your day means you get clarity, and prioritise.

This gives you the ability to plan ahead.
To prioritise.
To determine your important and impactful to dos.
And more importantly, helps to determine what NOT to do.

Your daily plan can be as simple as a paper checklist.
Or as complicated as a full blown GTD system.
How you do it is up to your preference.

Do it however you want.
But do it.
Make sure you have a plan for your day.

Because without a plan you will struggle to focus.
You will drift through your day.
You will leave yourself open to distractions and trivial to dos.
You will let your priorities be defined by others.
Worst of all, you will not be able to do the best you can do.

So create a plan for your day.
Start your day strong.

Make the best of today ✌️

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