How we behave is within our control

Most of the things in our lives we don’t have much, if any, control over.
But one of the few things we do have control over is our behaviour.

How we behave really is within our control.

How we behave is one of the key things that defines who we are.
It defines who YOU are.

For instance, some people are jackasses some time – happens to all of us. Something or the other happens, things don’t work out or get messed up we get in a foul mood and lash out. It’s part of being human.
But the good thing is that this is learned behaviour that we can work on and change. We can improve.
This group of people classifies most of us.

Contrast that to people who are jackasses all the fricking time. For them it is not an occasional or rare thing, but the usual.
It is their norm.
These group of people are jackasses.
Yes they can change too, so there’s hope for them as well, but takes a lot more work.

Here’s the thing to realise: no matter what happens in your life, behaving badly rarely ever, if ever, is the best option.

Sometimes it can’t be helped, but we can work on it.

No one is perfect, neither is perfection the goal. I’m not saying you should be a saint. What I’m suggesting is that you examine how you behave, and find ways to improve.

Life is too short to live as a jackass and spread misery.

Like the famous saying goes, if you don’t have anything good to say – don’t say anything.
That’s a good maxim to live by, and a great place to start.

At any moment in time how you behave is something you can control.
It is something you can change.
But only if you really want to.

Make the effort.

Spread good, not misery.
Think before you act.

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