Identity politics – The problem, and the solution

Identity politics is the current norm in politics.
From Trump to Farage to Boris, the politics of current times is more defined by personality and less by ideology.

People keep thinking it’s a new concept.
It’s not.
If you look back in history you’ll see that the concept has always existed.
Because having one person to identify with is a normal human tendency.

It’s simple.
It makes sense.
It is easier than trying to focus on vague and subjective concepts like ideologies.

Those are important, absolutely.
But for most people it is easier to focus on one person who embodies those/their values.
Think Thatcher, Churchill, Regan – or their counterparts like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini.

People identify more with people than they do with concepts.
It’s always been the case, and will always be the case – unless the fundamental ways in which humans identify with each other changes.

Identity politics isn’t the issue though, no matter how much media demonises the concept.
The issue is duplicity, and manipulation.
The issue lies with the people, not the idea.

What we need are more transparent and honest politicians.
Not less identity politics.
Because that’s not really going to happen.
We need more honesty and authenticity. We need politicians with morals and principles.

Let’s open our eyes and really analyse the people who are vying for power, rather than taking accepting their word for absolute truth.
Because it’s not going to be anytime soon that (some) politicians stop being manipulative, and duplicitous.

We have to do our own due diligence.
If we don’t, then we only have ourselves to blame.

Democracy is great – but not when everyone acts like sheep.
Be smart.
Do your own research.
Come to your own conclusions.
Think for yourself, rather than accepting the crap that’s often spread by politicians (and media) as the truth.

There’s a reason why we have the ability to think…

#thinkforyourself ✌️

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