Mind your own business – why this age old advice is more important now than ever

Mind your own business.
That used to be a really popular proverb.
One that most people took note of.
Used to, anyway.
But things have changed.
It feels like everyone is in everyones business these days.
The rise of social media has revolutionised communication.
But it has also created a huge “peeping tom” and over sharing culture.
Go on Facebook or Twitter or even Instagram and you’ll see people talking about deeply private stuff.
Stuff they shouldn’t be sharing not just because it’s deeply private, but also because the information can be seen by anyone – and potentially used to harm them.
This is one of the reasons why cybercrime and identity theft are such big issues these days.
Those crimes are common because private information is so easily available.
Other than the security aspect, this culture of gossip and over sharing also leads to another phenomenon – focusing on others rather than yourself.
It becomes all about what someone did or is doing, rather than what you did or are doing.
Minding others business is not how you get ahead in life.
No, the only truly practical way to get ahead in life is to mind your own business.
That’s the best way to make an impact, live a life of meaning, and make your dent in the universe.
So stop indulging in gossip, and start focusing on your own actions and thoughts.
That’s the only way you’ll grow, and improve.
The only way to do great things, make the universe a better place, and have a great life.
The only way to have a life of meaning.
Mind your own business.

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