Our default insatiability

Humans are insatiable.
That’s our default programming.

What we have is never enough.
We always crave more.
We always need more.
We always want more.

This insatiable nature is very likely a remnant from our ancestors.
From the cavemen and women who had very little, and always had to collect and get and gather, in order to survive.

But we’re long past those days.
Our baser instincts and programming, however, hasn’t caught up to that fact.

But you CAN change that way of thinking, with work.
By CHOOSING how you react, and think.
It can be done.
In fact, many have done it.

It’s important to realise that having lots doesn’t make you happy.
It usually does the opposite.
The constant chase takes you away from truly enjoying what you have.

Also, having more = more stress.

Here’s a better way of being: appreciate what you have and how fortunate you are, and realise that life is short.
Isn’t it better to enjoy life while you can?

Make the most of the short life you have.

You are more fortunate than most people.
Realise that.
Be grateful.
Enjoy life while you can.
And, do good.

Life is short.
Make the most of it.

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