The way we think colours EVERYTHING in our lives

How you think impacts everything in your life.
Your thoughts impact how you deal with challenges and setbacks.
They also determine how you deal with opportunities and progress.
They colour everything from how you view the weather to how you consider something good or bad.
It is precisely because of different thinking styles that a setback can be viewed as “game over” by some, while others will take it on the chin and just carry on – maybe even look for the silver lining.
It is the way we think that causes people to view exactly the same thing in totally different light.
That’s what makes some people run from rain and complain about it, while others to run into it and delight in it.
Nearly everything in our life is coloured by our thoughts.
So it’s important to check in with ourselves to make sure that the thinking style we have isn’t one that’s holding us back.
Positivity matters.
How we think impacts everything in our lives.
Negative thinking holds us back.
While positive thinking helps us move forward.
What’s your style of thinking?
How is your thinking impacting your life?

Most lion hunts end in failure

I was watching Planet Earth II the other day.
Attenborough was describing how most lion hunts end in failure.
But that does not mean they give up.
For them it will mean death if they do, so they don’t really have a choice.
Thankfully, most of the time, we do. Our situations and predicaments are never so urgent or dire as to be life or death scenarios.
That is good of course, but not from a motivation point of view.
It is harder to continue doing something hard, especially when met with setbacks, if the consequence aren’t big.
Often the consequence for giving up for us is simply things staying the same – not very scary or dire.
But thinking differently can help.
This is what causes people to achieve incredible things.
You can achieve similar results too – everyone can – there is no doubt about that.
The only thing that stands in the way is our willingness to go on when faced with challenges.
The only thing that separates people who get shit done from the rest is drive and determination no matter what.
Lions are kings of the jungle not just because of their strength and speed – because they are neither the strongest nor the fastest animal in the jungle – but those combined with their determination.
Lions fail most of the time, but they never give up.
What does that say about what it takes to succeed?

Hello 2019!

New year’s day is a day of hope and renewal. A day to focus on the future, on what can happen, on what we can do. New year’s day is always a great day to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. To revamp the way we think, and act. It’s a great opportunity to rethink how we do things. New year’s resolutions are really popular for all these reasons. And they can be great tools. But only if we actually follow through. Let’s make 2019 an incredible year – one filled with new experiences, learnings and journeys. Let’s make this year a year or renewal. A year to adopt better ways of thinking. A year of impact.