Radical Productivity

Radical Productivity

Master Your Time, Eliminate Procrastination, and Radically Improve Your Productivity

Productivity is on the decline.

This is bad news.

For your career and your life.

Bad for you

Lack of productivity takes a major toll on our individual health and well-being. This is, in fact, one of the biggest causes of workplace stress, an effect that comes at a big cost, as mentioned earlier.

Then there are the other costs that lack of productivity results in, including job dissatisfaction, depression, lack of income, unhappiness, stress, anxiety, mental health problems, etc.

But that’s not the worst – author Jeffrey Pfeffer, a business theorist, explained in his book “Dying for a Paycheck” how stress and overwork result in about 120,000 preventable deaths every year in the US. Stress and overwork that true productivity can minimise, if not get rid of.

Bad For Business

Lack of productivity is costly – for both businesses and for us personally. As a 2016 report from the US Bureau of Labor found, productivity levels are going down across the board – this is not good news for businesses.

It gets worse – according to the APA, roughly $500 billion is lost every year because of workplace stress, a big cause of which is a lack of productivity and effectiveness.


There are lots of myths and misconceptions out there about what productivity is, and isn’t.

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How the book helps

Radical Productivity - Book coverRadical productivity demystifies some of the biggest productivity misconceptions and myths out there and gives you science-backed tips, hacks, principles, and strategies that actually work.

You will get research-based information that will help you make the most of your time, do work that moves you forward and makes a difference, and transform your productivity.


Learn strategies, tips, and tactics (backed by science) to eliminate procrastination, master your time, set yourself up for impact, and transform your productivity.

Here are a few things you will learn in this book (or, why you really need to read this book):

  1. The biggest problems with productivity right now
  2. The personal and professional toll a lack of productivity takes
  3. The greatest myth of productivity that is holding you back from unlocking your potential and doing the best you can
  4. What true productivity is
  5. Why being an early-riser is not always a good idea, and does not work for everyone
  6. The myth about multitasking
  7. How to start your day to have the most impact
  8. How to effectively deal with emails
  9. Step by step guide for creating an effective morning system
  10. A 20-minute strategy that can help you deal with distractions and procrastination
  11. Five ways to effectively take breaks (breaks that will help you)
  12. What not to do when taking a break
  13. How to finally get a handle on your time
  14. How to effectively plan and manage your time
  15. Elon Musk’s productivity hack
  16. How to do work that matters, and has impact
  17. What you can learn from Eisenhower about time management
  18. How to deal with procrastination (two effective strategies that will help you eliminate productivity)
  19. How to be productive even when you are procrastinating
  20. The Five-Minute Technique for dealing with procrastination
  21. How to do work that adds up over time
  22. How to guarantee long-term impact
  23. How to keep getting better
  24. How to make the most of your present moment

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Your time is valuable

Time is our most valuable resource, and it is limited. Not being productive means you waste time that you will never get back. Most people live their lives without a care for how they spend their time, only to regret it later.

Do not be one of those people.

You cannot afford to be one of those people if you want your work to have impact – and your life to have meaning.

Life is short, so you need to make the most of the limited time you have. Just keeping busy isn’t enough if you want to be effective, and want your work to matter.

That said, life is not about wringing every bit of time and energy you can to work. Life is about impact.

The two points might seem contrary, but they are not. Time is a limited resource and you can’t afford to waste it, but that does not mean you should be working all the time. Balance is key, and impact is what is important.

Bottom line, life isn’t about working every waking hour of your day. It is about having the most impact with your time (and energy) so that you can enjoy your life without being a slave to your work.

And what you learn in this book will put you on a solid footing to do just that.

If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed by work all the time, finally get a handle on your time, do work that matters, have a good work-life balance and transform your productivity, you need to get this book.

Moreover, if “not having enough time” is a common worry for you, the principles and strategies in the following chapters will help you get a firm handle on your time, and much much more.

Restart your productivity, transform your effectiveness, get a handle on your time, deal with procrastination, and get yourself on the path to impact.

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Transform your productivity

Radical Productivity debunks some of the biggest productivity myths our there, and helps guide you not only into improving your productivity, but to actually transforming it!

To recap, here are a few things this book will help you do:

  • Debunk productivity myths that are holding you back
  • Create systems that will help you have a massive impact
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Take control of your time
  • Set yourself up for impact
  • Transform/radically improve your productivity

If you want to transform your productivity and effectiveness, if you want to start having impact with the work you do, if you are ready to finally stop wasting time and start making the most of it, you need to read this book.

Sounds like a plan?


Get Radical Productivity today and get started!

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