Selective outrage

Selective outrage is when someone claims to be outraged about something, but only when it somehow benefits them.
This is vastly different from genuine outrage.

You will know the difference when the same person is silent during other similar (if not exactly the same) situations.
Often because they are friends with the person who is the perpetrator.
Or because it doesn’t benefit them.
Or a combination of the two.

It’s a very opportunistic behaviour.
And unfortunately the media (including social media) is full of such behaviour.
To gage someone’s authenticity, all you really need to do is ask yourself if there’s something in it for the person.
If there is, then the answer (and their motive) becomes pretty clear.

Have integrity.
If you believe something, stand up for it.
If not, don’t make noise about it as your lack of passion and belief will become apparent (if not today then someday, but it will).

Life is too short to live lies.
Live your truth.

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