Self-awareness is a journey

Nobody really knows who they are.

It’s a journey.
A process.
A life long project.
A quest, if you will.

Self-awareness is never about reaching a destination.
Because there is no end point.
It’s about learning what you can as you go along.

You can accelerate it, this learning process, but never to the point where you find out everything.
Never to the point where you understand yourself completely, and fully know who you are.

So here’s what you can do:
Stay with it.
Learn what you can.
And enjoy the process.
That’s the best way to learn about yourself.

Trying to rush it won’t make you more self-aware.
It will only lead to frustration and confusion.

Self-awareness is a lifelong journey.
You as a person will evolve with time.
And the journey will continue.
Don’t get in the way.

Enjoy your quest.

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