Shitty experiences don’t justify shitty actions

Often people justify doing bad things based on bad things that have happened in their lives.
They blame their past for their actions.
They act as if they had no choice.

But the truth is, there’s always a choice.
What you do and who you are ultimately is a decision – your decision.
If you choose to do good, you will do good, no matter how bad things might have been for you.
And vice versa.

Don’t go bad as a result of your pain.
And suffering
And anguish.
And anger.
No matter what happens in your life, never let them influence you to do bad things.

Yes bad things happen.
It’s unfortunate, but they don’t have the power to turn you into someone you don’t want to be – unless you let them.
Don’t let your struggles create a dark version of you.

Let your light shine, no matter your struggles, or challenges.
If anything, let them make you stronger.
Use those experiences to make a difference, and do better.
Who better to know what not to do and what to do better than someone who has suffered?

Be you, and better.
Not worse.
Do not let what happened in your past make you a worse version of you.

Like they say, life gives you lemons…

You have a choice.
Choose good.
Do good.
Be good.

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