Strategic Retreat Vs. Running Away

Strategic retreat and running away…
They are not the same thing.

One is about consciously deciding when something is not worth pursuing anymore.
The other is about giving up because of fear.

One is about pivot.
And about being flexible.
The other is about fear.
And losing hope.

One is about progress.
And moving forward.
The other is about regress.
And moving backward.

One involves critical thinking.
The other is about not really thinking.

Strategic retreat is about moving forward.
Running away is about the opposite.

Sometimes things don’t work out.
At those times it is good, in fact necessary, to stop spending any more time and energy on it.
Because your time and energy has a limit, and is of value.
Not worth spending on things that aren’t going to get anywhere.

But giving up is vastly different.
That’s a decision based on fear.
All that does is stop you from moving forward.

Understand the difference between strategic retreat and running away.
Choose the option that moves you forward.

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