Are you living your life, or too busy trying to make life happen?

One absolute truth about life is the fact that everything in life is temporary. Nothing lasts forever. Be it people. Or things. Or experiences. People come and go. Some stay longer than others. But no one will be there forever – be it because some people are just not meant to be there with you […]

How you react to your fears matter

Fear itself is not inherently good or bad. How we react to the fear is what defines its impact on our lives. Fear, in fact, can be good. As long as you know it’s purpose. As long as you know how to use and harness it. Fear is demonised a lot these days as this […]

How to be immortal

I’m not talking physically, because that hasn’t happened yet (but hopefully soon…). No, I’m talking about impact – the impact you have, and living on through your deeds. Think about people like Archimedes, Alexander, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale. These people have been deceased for a long time, but they still live on through their deeds. […]

If you just had one minute to live

If you just had one minute to live, would you be happy with the life you’ve had? If not, why not? What can you change your life to live one that would make you happy? Most people do major life evaluations, and change how they live, after catastrophes. After life and death moments. Which is […]