Are external factors defining who you are?

It is really easy to let external factors define who we are. Especially the traumatic ones. I know, I’ve been there… There will always be things in our lives that impact us negatively. Some of them a lot. And it can be really easy to become bitter or sad and live your life like that. But here’s the important […]

Where you are born matters, but…

Where we are born has a huge impact on our future. And the quality of our lives. Those born in the West have a much better quality of life, and prospects, than those born elsewhere. This is generalising of course, but by and large this is the truth for a huge portion of the population. […]

The “Self-Made” Myth

There’s a big myth around about the people who are at the top of their game, the best of the best. Here’s the myth: they have all done it on their own. That’s what people generally think when they think about “self-made” people. Rarely, if ever, is that the whole truth. Or even the truth […]

The five things you can control

Life is unpredictable. You can’t control a lot of things. In fact, most things in life you can’t control. But here are 5 things you can control: 1. Your thoughts 2. Your words 3. Your choices 4. Your actions 5. Your reactions Focus on what you can control, rather than wasting time and energy on […]

Worry less about the outcome, and more about doing your best

One of my favourite Star Wars quote is Yoda’s “fear of loss is a path to the dark side.” Fear of loss is hardly ever constructive. When you fear losing something, you become attached to that outcome or thing. That can lead to lots of negative feelings like desperation, jealousy, and even greed. When you […]

Why worrying is a waste of time

Yesterday’s history. Tomorrow’s a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s one of my all time favourite quotes about mindfulness. Here’s the thing about worrying: the lion’s share of our worries are based on things that will happen, or has happened. The future. Or the past. Here’s the challenge with worrying about the past: when you’re […]

You need a backup plan

No plan is 100% fool proof. Nothing in life is infallible. There’s always risk, no matter how small the odds. Things can (and do) go wrong. So it’s important to have backup plans. Hopefully you’ll never need them. But in case you do, it is better to have backup plans, than it is to be […]

Do you really always have a choice?

Have you heard of the saying: “you always have a choice”? It’s a common one. It’s one of the bedrocks of the self development field. And it’s grossly misused. Yes, you do have a choice. But… it’s not a blanket rule that applies to everything. There are nuances, and caveats, that you need to know […]

Why you need to have a quest

It’s not enough to have a goal. You need to have a quest. Especially if you want to do something incredible, make a difference, have impact, make your dent in the universe… A quest is much more than a goal. It’s the main purpose of your being. It’s what drives people to achieve incredible feats. […]

Just one decision

One decision is all it takes to change your life. That’s it, just one decision. It can be a big decision, or small. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that you decide. Decisions have impact. Decisions are powerful. They galvanise you. They move you forward. They get you unstuck, and provide clarity. Too many people fall […]