What is the point of life?

What is the point of life? Self awareness and fulfillment? Taking care of ourselves? But they can’t be the point of life, and I will elaborate why below. Self care, self love, self awareness, etc are all important because at the end of the day if you don’t take care of yourself you will be […]

Passive helping streams

Have you heard of passive income streams? The idea with them is that you create income streams that continue to generate income from work you do once. It’s a great strategy, one that I applied to my passion for helping people. I have a few passive streams for helping people. They continue to help people […]

What being powerful is not about

Being powerful isn’t about being better than others. Or talking down to people. Or treating people badly. People who are truly powerful are people who are generous, kind and good. They are genuine and authentic. They mean what they say. They do good – not to show off, or get adoration and acclamation, but because […]

A great way to improve your life

The stories we tell ourselves, our perceptions and perspectives, is what determines how we feel. So when you change your perspective, you change your narrative, your feelings, and the quality of your life. If you’re feeling angry or agitated about something (or someone), here’s what you can do to effectively deal with it: Review the […]

Mindset of entitlement

Bullies have a mindset of entitlement. They believe they are entitled to whatever it is they want. Some people just have this mindset. They just believe that they are “entitled” to stuff. The reality is, they are entitled to nothing. I hate that sort of mindset, that sort of mentality. That’s one of the reasons […]

The standards we use to judge others

I read a post by Seth Godin some time back, about our “fundamental attribution error”. Here’s an excerpt from his post which expands on that concept: “When someone else screws up, it’s because of who they are, their race, their upbringing… a glimpse into their true character. When we do something, it’s because the situation […]

Do you really always have a choice?

Have you heard of the saying: “you always have a choice”? It’s a common one. It’s one of the bedrocks of the self development field. And it’s grossly misused. Yes, you do have a choice. But… it’s not a blanket rule that applies to everything. There are nuances, and caveats, that you need to know […]

Crying over spilt milk gets you nowhere

We all have times when we feel down, or anxious about our performance and results. Moments of self doubt, moments when we feel we could’ve done more, or how we could’ve done better. Most people worry about them, and often blame themselves for not doing better than they did. Here’s the thing about this.. You […]

Cycle of good

Being good to others is a state of mind. It’s a habit that can be developed and nurtured, like any other habit. When you do good things for others without any expectations, you create a virtuous cycle. The other person feels good. You feel good. And so on. But it doesn’t just stop there. The […]

What (ultimately) does not make you happy

Being selfish doesn’t make you happy, ultimately. Unless, of course, you are a narcissist or a sociopath… When you are the only person you think about, everything you do is to only benefit yourself. That’s a very narrow-minded, and short-term view of life. That’s a mindset that doesn’t benefit the world, and won’t even benefit […]