Are you living your life, or too busy trying to make life happen?

One absolute truth about life is the fact that everything in life is temporary. Nothing lasts forever. Be it people. Or things. Or experiences. People come and go. Some stay longer than others. But no one will be there forever – be it because some people are just not meant to be there with you […]

The pursuit of materialism

The world now revolves around materialism. The pursuit of having more, buying more, and getting more defines our society these days, by and large. That is not a good thing. Either for us individually. Or collectively. And it’s certainly not good for the world as a whole. Materialism is a short-term strategy that favours small […]

The more you own, the more you stress

The more stuff you have, the more worries you have and the more you have to worry about. This is one of the main reasons why ascetics own little to nothing, and minimalism is so popular. Minimalism has, in fact, become quite mainstream – with smaller forays into this strategy becoming part of the popular […]

Our default insatiability

Humans are insatiable. That’s our default programming. What we have is never enough. We always crave more. We always need more. We always want more. This insatiable nature is very likely a remnant from our ancestors. From the cavemen and women who had very little, and always had to collect and get and gather, in […]

Do you buy things you don’t need to impress others?

Materialism is a big part of the validation seeking culture that’s become dominant these days. More often than not people buy stuff not because they really need them, but because they want to show off and belong. Think about the last time you bought the latest gadget or a branded clothing item. Did you buy […]

The little things in life matter

The little things in life matter. In fact, they matter a lot. Too often though, people forget about all the good things in their lives. Maybe it’s because they’re really focused on achieving their big goals. Or maybe it’s because they’re too focused on the challenges. The curve balls that life throws from time to […]

The epidemic of clutter

Hand on heart, does everything you have, everything you own, everything that takes up space in your home, matter? Materialism is a common issue that plagues society these days. It’s all about having stuff, and more stuff. The advent of online shopping has made it even easier to get stuff. Don’t get me wrong – […]

Why you should think twice before getting more “stuff”

Having a lot doesn’t make you happy. Contrary to popular belief. Just buying more and more “stuff” is not the panacea that retailers and shops and newspapers etc (and society to a large extent) would have you believe. Retail therapy makes some people happy, but that happiness is short lived. And it’s superficial. Also, it […]