GPP EP # 28: What a Mosquito Bite Can Teach You About Dealing With Your Past

What a Mosquito Bite Can Teach You About Dealing With Your Past

Turns out a mosquito bite can teach you something very valuable about life, namely about dealing with your past.

Find out more about it in today’s episode.

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What you will learn:

  • What a mosquito bite can teach you about your past experiences

  • How you might be deliberately choosing unhappiness

  • What happens when you focus on negative memories

  • What does not change no matter how hard you try

  • What our perspective has to do with our experiences, and which perspective leads to a better life

  • What you can do about negative experiences you can’t put a positive spin on

  • What our focus has in common with a parking space

  • Why you need to let bygones be bygones

  • What you need to do to move forward and create a good life

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GPP EP # 25: The Easiest Way To Create New Habits

The Easiest Way To Create New Habits

Creating new habits can be really useful, and beneficial, but it can be hard to do. But it doesn’t need to be. Want to learn about an easy way (in fact, the easiest way that I know) for creating new habits? Then stay tuned, because that is what today’s talk is all about.

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What will you learn:
  • What are habits

  • The mechanics of habits – How are they formed

  • Why habits are useful and important

  • Why we struggle to create habits

  • The easiest way to create habits

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