Are external factors defining who you are?

It is really easy to let external factors define who we are. Especially the traumatic ones. I know, I’ve been there… There will always be things in our lives that impact us negatively. Some of them a lot. And it can be really easy to become bitter or sad and live your life like that. But here’s the important […]

How to come up with ideas

Here is a common question a lot of people ask: How do I come up with ideas? There is no one answer to that. There is no one perfect way to come up with ideas. There are lots of different ways to do that. But, here is one strategy that you can get started with: […]

Failures are not a measure of capabilities (and potential)

Your failures and setbacks are not a measure of your capabilities and potential. If Edison (or Tesla) used his failures as a measure of his capabilities, it’s unlikely we would have electricity. If the Wright brothers used their failures as a measure of their potential, we would not have air travel. If J.K. Rowling took […]

Don’t deny facts based on your beliefs

Here’s the thing about facts: they are facts. Only because someone does not believe a fact does not suddenly change its state. Not believing something to be true does not make it false. Facts are just information, plain and simple. Only because someone does not believe of the sun’s existence, for instance, does not stop […]

What to do when shit happens

Every new day is an opportunity to wipe your slate clean and start fresh. Shit happened? Feeling hopeless? Confused? That’s fine. Sleep on it. Figure out just one thing you can do next. Then start. Life is no bed of roses. You can’t expect opportunities and solutions to be served to you on a silver […]

5 reasons why phone addiction is a very real problem

Phone addiction is a real thing. A very real problem. People get so hooked to their phones that some actually experience withdrawal symptoms, even panic attacks, when they are away from their phones! That’s a problem. Here are 5 reasons why: It drains your time and energy, both of which can (and should be) used […]

Life never gets easier, you just get better

Life throws us curve balls. All the fricking time. That’s just life. It’s unpredictable. Full of surprises. And not all those surprises are pleasant. How you respond and deal with these unexpected surprises will determine the course of your life. You basically have two options: ☝️ You can choose the usual route, and let life […]

Innovation and creativity

Let’s talk about the correlation between innovation and creativity. Because they are far more interlinked than you might think. In fact, innovation doesn’t happen without creativity. To innovate, you have to think outside the box. And that doesn’t happen unless you are creative. Now that might have got you stumped. You might be thinking that […]

How you react to your fears matter

Fear itself is not inherently good or bad. How we react to the fear is what defines its impact on our lives. Fear, in fact, can be good. As long as you know it’s purpose. As long as you know how to use and harness it. Fear is demonised a lot these days as this […]

Your perceptions matter more than you think

Your perception colours your experience. Every. Single. Time. What makes an experience or ordeal “bad” isn’t the experience itself, but rather your perception of it. The same goes for “good” experiences. If you think about an event as good, than it is good. Likewise, of you think of an event as bad, that’s exactly how […]