The usefulness of downtime

It’s ok to not do anything sometimes. Contrary to popular belief. There’s a myth around about how being productive means doing things all the time. Around the clock. Each and every one of your waking moment. But it’s like that common saying goes: all work and no play… Being productive isn’t just about doing as […]

Don’t deny facts based on your beliefs

Here’s the thing about facts: they are facts. Only because someone does not believe a fact does not suddenly change its state. Not believing something to be true does not make it false. Facts are just information, plain and simple. Only because someone does not believe of the sun’s existence, for instance, does not stop […]

Just do this one thing

Here’s a question I want you to ask yourself today: What one thing can you do today that your future self will thank you for? The thing does not have to be huge. But it does have to be impactful. Think 80/20. Success in life is rarely the result of huge, incredible feats. What really […]

Find what works for you, rather than trying to force something to work for you

There is a reason why the same strategy does not work for everyone. It’s because everyone is different. In the same way none of your fingers are the same size, no one person is exactly the same as the other. There are similarities, absolutely, but just because one way worked for someone does NOT mean […]

Developing your idea muscle

James Altucher has a great daily habit: he comes up with at least 10 ideas daily. Good and bad. It’s a great habit. The quality of the ideas are not as important as the quantity. The whole point here is to exercise your idea muscle, and start building those neural networks. Over time your ideas […]

The thing about innovation and creativity

Creativity and innovation are like conjoined twins… You can’t have one without the other. You want to be innovative? You need to be creative. And if you’re creative, you will be innovative. See how that works? What they both require is the ability to think outside the box. Can you think outside the box? If […]

5 reasons why phone addiction is a very real problem

Phone addiction is a real thing. A very real problem. People get so hooked to their phones that some actually experience withdrawal symptoms, even panic attacks, when they are away from their phones! That’s a problem. Here are 5 reasons why: It drains your time and energy, both of which can (and should be) used […]

One thing properly done is better than multiple things that are never done

There is power in focus. Without focusing, you will be incapable of prioritising. You will be all over the place. Progress will be slow and haphazard. It will be a constant exercise in futility, where you put one step forward but take three steps back. It will be confusing and challenging. A better path is […]