Putting yourself out there

Putting yourself out there is the only way to make progress.
Because doing something tangible is the best way to get the feedback that’s necessary for progress.

If you run a business, this will come in the form of getting sales or communicating with people you need to grow and improve your business.
If you’re on a path to better health, it might come in the form of going out there for a run, or a swim, or joining a gym.
If your goal is personal growth, this might involve putting yourself out of your comfort zone and doing the things that scare you.
Etc etc.
You get the idea.

Comfort leads to complacency.
DISCOMFORT is where growth is.

If you want to progress.
If you want to do bigger and better things.
If you want to be better.
Make friends with your discomfort.

The best way to go about it?
Start small.
Then build on it.

Stretch your comfort zone.

How you react to your fears matter

Fear itself is not inherently good or bad.
How we react to the fear is what defines its impact on our lives.

Fear, in fact, can be good.
As long as you know it’s purpose.
As long as you know how to use and harness it.

Fear is demonised a lot these days as this bad thing that causes people to fail.
But here’s the thing: we developed the fear mechanism for good reasons.
And this is the most important one > fear keeps us alive.

The problem with our fear mechanism is that we let it overpower and colour too many things in life.
We overuse it.

Fear itself isn’t bad or unproductive.
How we react to it is.

Here’s one way to change that and deal with fear more productively:
Next time you feel fear, don’t just opt for your first, automated response.
Take a moment, assess if the situation really is something to be scared of, and only then decide on your best course of action.
Think, rather than act on your fear without thinking.

You can only get better at dealing with your fears by facing the things you fear.

That can only happen when you think before you give in to your automated base reactions.
And when you realise that your first (automated) response is not always the best response.

Your reactions determine your quality of life.
And your future.
So think before you act.

You need a big why

Setbacks and challenges are part and parcel of progress.
And success.
Bumps in the road are normal.

Progress doesn’t happen straight away.
Overnight success is an overhyped myth.
You can’t just start and make it to the top right away.
You need to go through the shit to find your gold.
The struggles, and challenges, and setbacks are part and parcel of the journey.

That’s why it is important to remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing.
Because without a strong WHY it will be difficult to continue.

Every time you hit the wall.
Every time you fall.
Every time there is a setback…
It will be hard to pick yourself up and get going again.
That is, unless you have a strong why driving you.

The stronger your why, the easier it will be to pick yourself up and keep going.

Figure out your big WHY.

What you run towards alludes you

What you run towards alludes you.
That’s one of the greatest paradox of life.
And is very true when it comes to relationships and friendships.

Basically, if you want it too much, you will put people off.

Maybe it’s because you come across as too intense.
Or too eager.
Or too needy.
Or, whatever…
The point is people can sense it, and it can be off putting.

Conversely, people chase those who are aloof and not paying attention or not interested.
Mostly because they’re a challenge.
But also because they look like they’re going places, and being the social animals that we are, we are programmed to align ourselves with people who can benefit us.

It’s a very selfish need, unfortunately one that’s challenging to overcome.
But it can be overcome.

The point is, you need to stop wanting people so much that not getting them will hurt you.
Because then you are setting yourself up for failure.

A better path is to focus on yourself, on the bigger picture.
The connection you crave so much will happen in it’s own course, in its own time.

When you stop chasing it, you teach yourself to not have those expectations.
You no longer remain dependent on anyone’s validation.
That strengthens you.

When you accomplish that, even if you don’t even up having someone in your life, you will deal with it.
It won’t distract you.
It won’t stop your life.
More importantly, it won’t stop you from living your best life and making your impact.

Focus on yourself, and the bigger picture.
Be better, not needy.

An easy way to improve your life

The company you keep makes a big impact on the person you become.

If you hang out with smart people, you will become smarter.
If you hang out with positive people, you will become more positive.

Conversely, if the people you hang out with are negative and narrow minded, that’s the type of person you will become.
Because that’s what you are feeding your mind.

One of the main/best habits of highly successful people is to hang out with people smarter than them.
Maybe they know something most people don’t…

Decide what you want in life, and then find people who’ve done that.
Find people who are good, are doing good, and want to do more good.

Hang out with good people.
That’s one of the easiest ways to upgrade your life.