Self care isn’t selfish

Self care isn’t a fad, it’s a necessary habit. It’s a mindset that will help you to do more not just for yourself, but for others too. Often self care is thought is as a selfish attitude. But nothing could be further from the truth. Looking after yourself does not make you a selfish person. […]

What can you do better?

There’s always room for improvement. No matter how good you are, there are always ways you can improve. No matter how well you do something, there’s always the potential to do better. No matter how well you deal with challenges, there’s always the possibility to deal with them better. It’s just the nature of growth […]

How to get a handle on your emotions

Most things in our lives are out of our control. But one thing that we do have some control over is how we deal with things, i.e. our reactions/emotions. But even that takes work. Controlling your emotions doesn’t happen automatically. It requires knowing and understanding them. That takes effort and practice. If you want to […]

Giving up is not the same as facing reality

Pragmatism is important. But is not the same as giving up. The difference can often be a very thin line… Facing reality is when you stop doing something because you know for certain that continuing on that path is pointless. Giving up is where you stop doing something not because you’ve exhausted every avenue and […]

Embracing your inner artist, and what it means

Being an artist is not just about painting, or singing, or something similar. Everyone can be an artist. Being an artist is about understanding that art isn’t just about painting or music, but that anyone who embraces their truth and puts their work out there is an artist. It’s about being true to yourself. It’s […]

Where you are born matters, but…

Where we are born has a huge impact on our future. And the quality of our lives. Those born in the West have a much better quality of life, and prospects, than those born elsewhere. This is generalising of course, but by and large this is the truth for a huge portion of the population. […]

The “Self-Made” Myth

There’s a big myth around about the people who are at the top of their game, the best of the best. Here’s the myth: they have all done it on their own. That’s what people generally think when they think about “self-made” people. Rarely, if ever, is that the whole truth. Or even the truth […]

Why it is never too late

Colonel Sanders started his fried chicken business around the age of 60 – a business that went on to become the world-famous KFC. Vera Wang became a fashion designer at the age of 40. Ray Kroc did not even start McDonald’s until he was 52. Samuel L Jackson did not get his big break until […]

The usefulness of downtime

It’s ok to not do anything sometimes. Contrary to popular belief. There’s a myth around about how being productive means doing things all the time. Around the clock. Each and every one of your waking moment. But it’s like that common saying goes: all work and no play… Being productive isn’t just about doing as […]

Failures are not a measure of capabilities (and potential)

Your failures and setbacks are not a measure of your capabilities and potential. If Edison (or Tesla) used his failures as a measure of his capabilities, it’s unlikely we would have electricity. If the Wright brothers used their failures as a measure of their potential, we would not have air travel. If J.K. Rowling took […]