Stop letting your fears hold you back

If you have been procrastinating on a goal because you’re worried about it failing… stop. Stop holding yourself back. Stop worrying about what might happen. Nobody knows the future. The best you can do is the best you can do. So just start already. Stop letting your fears hold you back.

The pursuit of materialism

The world now revolves around materialism. The pursuit of having more, buying more, and getting more defines our society these days, by and large. That is not a good thing. Either for us individually. Or collectively. And it’s certainly not good for the world as a whole. Materialism is a short-term strategy that favours small […]

The importance of being yourself

Be honest: are you your genuine self around others, or do you put on a show and try to be someone you believe you need to be? Don’t feel bad if you do. I’ve been there myself. Adopting a persona is actually a very normal, and common, behaviour. Most people put on a mask and […]