The miracle that is you

You are enough.
In fact, more than that… you are a fricking marvel of nature.

You are an incredible creation.
A miracle of bioengineering, and science. You are so advanced in fact that even the fastest computers can’t outpace your brain.
Even the advanced robots can’t replicate everything you can do.
No device can replicate your internal machines (organs).
No medicine, or technology invented to date can regenerate or function as well as you can.

You might not realise it, but what you take for granted – the human form – is a bona fide miracle of nature.

We humans have been blessed with many incredible abilities, and faculties.
So believing anything less is not factual.

Realise than you are a fricking miracle, and that you are enough.

Then start working on being better.
Not because there’s anything amiss, but because there’s always room for improvement.
And growth is part of life.

Appreciate the miracle that you are.

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