The myth of self-made

There’s this myth that’s been around for a long long time – that the people who are at the top of their game, the best of the best, have all done it on their own.
That’s what people generally think is what self-made means.

Rarely, if ever, is that the whole truth.

In fact, if you dig deep into the lives of the peak performers, people who are the best of the best, nearly always will you see a recurring pattern: that they have a team of people behind them.

Having a team and coaches is so common that, in the arena of competitive sports anyway, you won’t even be considered for anything unless you have a team behind you.

The notion is catching up, slowly but surely, and permeating other fields and professions.
And that’s a great thing.
It’s about time we change this archaic notion of strength = not asking for or getting help.

If you have fallen into that way of thinking, understand that it is quite ok.
That’s an area I myself sometimes struggle with, so I know how easy it is to accept that as the truth.
But having people there for you, and with you, makes you anything but weak.

Having help does not make you weak.
Not having help does
So learn to ask for help.

Going it alone is fine, but it is better to have people with you – people who will help you, and push you, and accelerate your progress.

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