The productivity downtime correlation

There’s a common misconception about productivity and downtime.
Often people think that downtimes are bad for productivity.
But that’s hardly true.

Downtimes are, in fact, good for improving your productivity, and performance.

Productivity has a direct and positive correlation with downtime.

Downtimes help you recuperate.
When you are tired you are not very effective. In fact, as studies have shown, you are more prone to make mistakes and get things wrong when you’re tired.
So taking breaks helps you avoid those. Breaks help you refuel.

Downtimes help you recalibrate.
Tiredness impacts not just our performance, buy also our ability to think things through. If you’re struggling to come up with solutions or are stuck or feel confused about the task at hand, taking a break can help you get out of that space and recalibrate.
That can help you get unstuck.

Downtimes help you do things better.
Carrying on without any breaks depletes your energy reserves, which impacts your productivity and performance.
So when you take breaks, it actually helps you improve your productivity. Downtimes help you be more productive and effective, not less.

Productivity isn’t just about doing things every minute of every day.
Productivity is about making the most of your time and being effective – it’s about working smart. And you can’t work smart when you are exhausted and/or your brain is tired.

Downtimes are important.
So take breaks.
Give yourself downtime.
You’ll do better when you you do.

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