The quality of your connections matter, a lot

The quality of the connections we have with the people around us has a huge impact on the quality of our lives.
Good connections can (and does) improve our lives.
Bad connections, on the other hand, impact our lives detrimentally.

Humans are social beings.
Nearly everything we do involves other people, be it directly or indirectly.
No one is one hundred percent self sufficient. Even those who go off to live off the land, in some shape or form, are connected to people.

It’s useful, the connections we have.
To a large degree, our ability to work with each other is responsible for and has made the most impact on our ability to progress.
If we didn’t know how to connect and collaborate and cooperate, most of the things that we take for granted now (like phone, electricity, etc) might not have become a reality.

Connections are important for our survival, albeit not as directly as it was for our ancestors.
We don’t really need anyone to come help us hunt, for instance.
But the connections we have do help us.

Thankfully we are not as reliant on others as we used to be. This enables us to rise above social pressures and explore things more openly and honestly.
This independence has been great for creativity and innovation.
Thankfully we live in a time where the connections we make, we make out of choice rather than an absolute need to survive.
We don’t really NEED to connect with anyone, we do it because we WANT to.

We get to have a say on who we have in our lives.
We get to have a say in the connections we have, and maintain.
This is a good thing, because connections are only good as long as the quality of the connection is good, and the quality of the people we are connected to is good.

The people you surround yourself with does have a huge impact on your life, so be mindful of the connections you have and maintain.
You only get to live once, so make the most of the people you have in your life, and the connections you make.
Be conscious about the connections you have, maintain and create
Because good people can (and do) improve your life.

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