The usefulness of downtime

It’s ok to not do anything sometimes.
Contrary to popular belief.

There’s a myth around about how being productive means doing things all the time.
Around the clock.
Each and every one of your waking moment.

But it’s like that common saying goes: all work and no play…

Being productive isn’t just about doing as many things as you can.
It is just as important to have downtime.

Downtimes are not just useful, they are necessary.
Because our brains need time to consolidate and compute information.

Not just that, we all have good days and bad.
A lot of time it feels like scaling the Everest, trying to get anything done.
So it’s good to come to terms with them by taking a time out.

It is ok to have downtime.
And it is also ok to have down days.

Realise that having an impact and being productive is more about quality than quantity.

The important thing is to use your downtime (and days) to take care of yourself.
So rather than stressing about doing things, try and relax.

When you relax, you’ll prime your brain to get to work and come up with solutions and breakthroughs.
Our brains do over 80% of the work below the surface, without our active handling.

So chill.
It’s ok.

If you’re having a down day, or need some downtime, take the break and enjoy it, rather than trying to force yourself to do things and stress about it.

Life is short.
Savor it.

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