The value of hair

The value of hair is truly realised by someone who’s losing hair.
Bald and balding people go to great lengths to retain and grow hair.
To get what they don’t have.

Hair loss is a million, if not billion, dollar industry!
And here’s the reason – we are programmed to appreciate and want what we don’t have.
When we have something, we usually take it for granted.

It goes for nearly everything in life.
Someone with sight doesn’t usually appreciate it, or consider how blessed they actually are – until they lose it.
The same goes for all the other senses.

A better way to live is to appreciate what you have.
And realise how fortunate you are.
No matter how bad your life may seem, there’s always something to be grateful for. You just need to realise that.

Perspective is a great thing.
Don’t wait until you lose something.
Don’t wait until you don’t have it, to appreciate it.

Appreciate what you have.
Because we are all far more blessed than we realise.

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