Think before you speak

There’s a time and a place to speak up and voice your opinions.
And times when it’s better to keep your mouth shut.
This was a lesson I learned the hard way pretty early on…
I’m a pragmatist.
As important as it is to be honest, authentic and truthful, there will always be times when the benefits of voicing your opinions┬ádon’t outweigh the costs.
Times when voicing your opinions cause more harm than good.
Times when voicing your opinion causes more confusion than clarity.
Times when voicing your opinion does no one any good.
There is a time and place for everything, especially your opinions.
Otherwise, everyone would be going around blurting out whatever came to their find.
Filters are necessary.
You have to be smart.
That includes knowing when to voice your opinion, and knowing when not to.
Think before you speak.

Published by M Salek

A peak performance & business strategist, Salek is the author of two business books, an award-winning Photographer, and the founder of PeakMx, a peak performance training and consultancy firm focused on helping businesses and individuals unlock their potential.

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