True Productivity Manifesto

The way we think about productivity in general needs a massive overhaul. I  want to not just change, but transform, how people think about productivity. Because the general belief about productivity centred on quantity is a myth. It’s the biggest productivity myth, one that’s causing a lot more harm than good.
It is not just important, but absolutely essential, to change this mindset. Because all it does is hold us back. It holds us back from doing the things we want, it holds us from achieving our true potential, and it causes stress, anxiety, feelings of ineptitude and a whole host of mental health issues.
There are tangible costs too, and this drive towards trying to do more comes ultimately at a lack of productivity, loss of money for businesses and individuals, as well as higher health costs that the stress and anxiety results in.
The greatest productivity myth needs to be dispelled. It’s high time. It’s about time we focused on doing work that matters, on doing things that help us move forward, on doing more quality work rather than stress about doing as much as possible and cramming in every waking hour of our day with work.
This myth holds us back. It does a lot of harm – it is one of the biggest cause of health problems (both mental and physical), it keeps us stuck, it causes disillusion and unhappiness and stress.
The way we think about productivity might have worked a long time ago, but things have changed. We are no longer in the industrial era, no longer do we need to measure our worth by the time we spend on doing stuff.
Because productivity is not about doing as much as possible, it is about doing stuff that matters, stuff that makes an impact.
True productivity is not about quantity any more (if it ever was), it is about quality.
The sooner you adapt this mindset, the sooner you can be on your way to transforming your life. Because this one change has the potential to radically improve your life. So isn’t it worth your while, does it not make sense, to at least try the alternative (shifting your focus from quantity to quality) out?
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