Trying new things

I love food.
It’s one of my biggest passions.
I also love experimenting with food and trying out new things, new combos, new flavours, styles, etc, etc. The whole shebang.

Experimental cooking for me is the perfect marriage of two of my biggest passions: trying new things, and food.

It does come with its challenges though.
The main one being unpredictability.

When you are experimenting with something, you are in unknown territory.
And the results aren’t always predictable.
So the new food I make doesn’t always turn out as I hope.

That used to bother me.
Quite a bit.
Because food is important to me.
I like my food to not just taste good, but taste great.

I said “used to”
Because it doesn’t bother me anymore.
After all, how can I find what works without occasionally coming up with stuff that doesn’t?

It’s a numbers game.
The more things I find that doesn’t work, the more I also find things that do work.

Also, it’s fun.
I love trying new and interesting things. Especially when it involves food.

This applies to life as well.
Because trying new things is a great way to learn, and grow.
This will involve occasional misadventures and less-than-ideal outcomes.
But, on the whole, you will have interesting experiences, learn new things, and grow as a person.

It’s good to try new things.
Don’t shy away from them.

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