Two things to try when you are in a bad mood

Pretending to not be in a bad mood…
Does not really work.

You can smile to hide your anger, but that does not get rid of your anger.
You can fake being enthusiastic, but that does not get rid of your frustration.
You can act like you are happy, but that does not get rid of your unhappiness.

Pretending to be in a good mood when you are actually in a bad mood is tantamount to living in denial.
And denial rarely, if ever, works.

Pretense does not really work, not in the long term anyway.
What does work, however, is acknowledging them, and being honest with yourself about your feelings.
The other thing that works is sharing.

When you acknowledge your bad mood, it helps you understand what is going on inside, and that helps you deal with it.
As for sharing, it feels good to talk with people, and share what you are feeling.

Those things help.
Denying and pretending do not.

If you are in a bad mood, don’t pretend you are not.
That nearly always makes it worse (can even backfire…).
A better option is to acknowledge the bad mood, understand the cause(s), and deal with them.
Also, share with others.

Try these two things when you are in a bad mood, because they really do help.

Don’t pretend things are good when they are not.
Deal with things as they are.
Be honest with yourself.

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