Understanding your caveats, and limits

I really enjoy walking.
But only if I’m exploring something new (mainly when I’m travelling).
Even that I sometimes don’t like much if I don’t like the company.
Otherwise, I don’t like walking.
Walking just for the sake of it never appealed to me.

I love learning things.
But only if it’s something new.
And/or it’s something particularly interesting.
And/or there is some point to it.
If it’s boring, or dry, or I have no interest in it, then I hate it.
That’s one of the reasons why I’ve always hated exams.

I love doing (lots of) things.
But only if they intrigue me, and I enjoy them.
And/or I’m helping someone.
And/or it’s something new.
If I’ve already done it before and/or it’s mundane, I have absolutely no interest in it, and will hate every second I spend doing it.
This is why I lose all interest in a piece of work once I’ve completed it. Once it’s done, I don’t want to see it anymore. Onto the next thing.

I love reading.
But subject to my curiosity parameters.

I absolutely love helping people.
But not if they’re ungrateful.

I am always polite.
Unless the other person is rude.

I’m always kind.
Until the other person is not.

And so on…

It is good to know your caveats, and limits.
We all have them.
The sooner you accept them, the sooner you will get out of your own way.

What are your caveats, and limits?

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