Waiting for the right time?

The right time…
Most people wait for the “right time”, and this is what happens:
It’s not the right time to start the job/business you’ve always wanted to.
It’s not the right time to go on that trip you’ve always wished to go on.
It’s not the write time to change the course of your life to start the life you really wish you had.
It’s not the right time to…. you fill in the blanks.

That’s often the common reason why people don’t do what they want to – because it’s not the “right time”.
That narrative then ends up becoming a loop, a narrative loop which often continues till the very end.
This leads to a life of regrets, or worse.

Here are 2 things to understand about “right time”:
It rarely ever is the right time, and
Right time is generally just a matter of perception. That’s why what one person believes to be the right time is not right time for everyone else.

Those who do great things and live incredible lives don’t wait for the time to be right.
The time becomes right for them because they do what needs to be done. And because they persist, and persevere.

The only way you can ever really, truly, find out if the time is right is by starting.
It is only by starting on your journey will you conclusively know if the time is right or not.
Everything else is just conjecture.

Stop waiting for the right time, as the “right” time may never come around.
The stars may never align.
The pieces may never fall into place.
It may never be the right time.
Not because you’re unlucky or anything, but because those are all future events, things beyond everyone’s control.

So focus on what you can control, and do the things that can take you closer to your goal (vs waiting for the right time).

When you start, at least you have some chance of succeeding.
If you never start, you’ll have zero chance.
You can either try and fail, or live in hope. Guess which path leads to more (and better) results.

It’s a numbers game at the end of the day – the more you do, the luckier you get, and more of the “right times” you find.
So stop sitting on your hands.
Stop waiting for the right time.

Today is your day.
Go make shit happen.

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