What you run towards alludes you

What you run towards alludes you.
That’s one of the greatest paradox of life.
And is very true when it comes to relationships and friendships.

Basically, if you want it too much, you will put people off.

Maybe it’s because you come across as too intense.
Or too eager.
Or too needy.
Or, whatever…
The point is people can sense it, and it can be off putting.

Conversely, people chase those who are aloof and not paying attention or not interested.
Mostly because they’re a challenge.
But also because they look like they’re going places, and being the social animals that we are, we are programmed to align ourselves with people who can benefit us.

It’s a very selfish need, unfortunately one that’s challenging to overcome.
But it can be overcome.

The point is, you need to stop wanting people so much that not getting them will hurt you.
Because then you are setting yourself up for failure.

A better path is to focus on yourself, on the bigger picture.
The connection you crave so much will happen in it’s own course, in its own time.

When you stop chasing it, you teach yourself to not have those expectations.
You no longer remain dependent on anyone’s validation.
That strengthens you.

When you accomplish that, even if you don’t even up having someone in your life, you will deal with it.
It won’t distract you.
It won’t stop your life.
More importantly, it won’t stop you from living your best life and making your impact.

Focus on yourself, and the bigger picture.
Be better, not needy.

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